Monday, July 19, 2010


It's been a whole month since I've posted anything on this silly, lovely blog! But I *Think* about posting a lot. Does that count? Someday I'll catch up, not just on the blog, but all the other crazy things happening in my life! Like laundry! :P

I have wonderful pictures of the Leahman caves in the Great Basin National Park to post. It was cool. Cool to take my boys down into the depths of the earth, cool to take my Grandma (who vistited from Alaska-I got to have her for a whole week!), cool to be there again and see all the stuff.

I've been doing some canning in the cool evening hours, which usually means I don't get to bed on those days until around midnight! The Spicy Pickled beets were surprisingly easy, didn't stain my hands red for weeks (It lasted maybe an hour!) and were, best of all, DELICIOUS!! I think we've eaten them all already! Some did head back north with GGMA (my grandma), and maybe some made it to Salt Lake with my mom, but I pretty sure there are no more in the pantry. And I didn't get any pictures. Guess I'll just have to make more!

I'm currently in Salt Lake City for Dr appointments, but I plan on stopping on the way home to get some salt from the salt flats, take some pictures of things like The Great Salt Lake, the Morton Salt plant, the weird tree on the salt flats (with my phone, since my camera is at home on the desk).

I got 10 more chickies, cuz at 13 laying hens I don't think I had enough (ya right! I'm just addicted to chickens!). 5 Buff Orpington hens and 5 Silver Laced Wyandottes (sp? but I don't want to look it up right now). The SL Wyandottes are going to be so pretty! And Easy to find in the drab desert ladscape. I got 3 hens, and ordered 2 of em to be roos! Shhhhh-don't tell Dad! lol This was before we knew if any of the ones that I hatched would be roos, or at least how many. I have four of those guys left, two roos and two hens. A pair of Browns (Brown Roo looks like the Daddy roo), and a pair of yellow/golds. They have lots of white. Both little Roos are learning to crow. It's sooooo funny. Sounds like someone is choking them! But Mikey is OK with those boys, so I'm pretty sure he'll be ok with some SLW boys. Plus, they'll be so pretty!

I have a ton of pictures to post, once I actually download them off the camera onto my home computer.

This turned out to be a pretty good update, for a "quick, out of town update".