Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My mother's day rose needs planted.I actually got tulips this year! But the chickens have since destroyed this side. I didn't have enough fence to make it over here.

There are sunflowers in this, can you see them? I'm so excited, I'll have big beautiful sunflowers against the house this year.
More of my pretty PINK tulips. In honor of my Aunt Lorie, who fought breast cancer valiantly for over 10 years. We miss you and love you, LaLa!

The new Chicken Digs

This is my new chicken coop! Yay!Back view, the nest boxes are here
Lift up the board and there are now 6 nest boxes, which, hooray!, they are laying in!
I love the cute little door! (And my dear hubby's cute bum, lol)
The roosts. It took them a few days to get used to em, but they are roosting there at night now.
The first day I was sitting inside, trying to bribe them in with scratch grains and cat food. Didn't work.

I had to gather them up the first few nights, and lock them in, but now they all go in at dark. The 6 "big girls" and my 6 "teen ager" golds. The little babies will soon be joining them, but for now they like to sleep under neath or in their hay "hotel". But the gates didn't get closed and the cows came in and munched the hay hotel a bit, so it might be just under the Hen House. We'll see.

I've been locking them in at night, as it seems it was the wee hours of the morning that neighbor dogs and/or coyotes were grabbing girls (and Mr. Roo) out of the old dog house/hen house. I've been getting up at 5:30 to let them out, but it's getting light earlier now, so soon I'll probably be rising at 5, or even 4:30. Do I dare go back to bed, or stay up and drink coffee??

Crochet the day away

That's what I did all weekend! The boys went to Nana & Papa's house, which left some wonderful quiet time for Mikey and I.

Saturday Mikey finally helped with the project at church he agreed to months ago, so I sat in the pew, spread out on a few chairs and crocheted in church. Then our afternoon plans got a little rearranged, so I crocheted while watching a movie, and Mikey fixed up dinner. Even brought it to me in my crochet spot! Perhaps because I was finally working on his cardigan again? Don't stop the progress! hehehe

Then I crocheted Sunday afternoon until it was time to go get the boys, and some more before bed!

And now, drat, I'm out of yarn!!! Turns out the color Mikey picked comes in different length balls than the colors called for in the pattern. Shorter by 80 yards per ball!! We thought we had plenty of yarn, extra even, and it turns out we are short by probably 2 balls.

Soooo....I've had to work on a few other WIP's. Almost done with the green dragon, another long standing WIP. And Mikey can't whine at me about not working on the cardigan, because I'm waiting on more yarn.

And now I've started some baby shower gifts for a shower on the 5th, for a lady at church. Two weeks to get two little turtle rattles done, and possibly some booties. One set for a boy, another set for a girl. They are doing a "Surprise shower in a box" for a friend that moved out of state. I'll get to make something PINK!!!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Pomp Poodle, in pink

I know, I have a enough projects in the works right now, but she's soo cute! Check her out at http://www.favecrafts.com/sweeps/Red-Heart-Yarn-Crochet-Along .
And since it's a crochet along, perhaps she'll actually get done in a decent amount of time??

Ugghh, buying this yarn breaks the "Yarn Challenge". Does it still count if I win the yarn? That would be pretty sweet! FIVE lucky people will win a gift basket with all the yarn to make Ms. Poodle, and I found out you can enter once a day until May 24th. *Note to self- enter every day; get coffee, enter contest, then check email, etc.* I don't think I've ever won any of these little contests, but it's fun to try!

Once I get one little cutie poodle done I have lots of different weights of yarn, to make them in all sizes and colors. Perhaps by Christmas I could get a whole pile of them done, I have lots of nieces!
I just might have to keep on for myself, too.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sierra Nevada Cardigan

My first piece of clothing.
Hand picked by my hubby.
He even went to the yarn website, chose his color and placed the order.

I need help figuring out the seams for the top of the shoulders.

I don't want a bulky, poke out noticeable seam.
Any ideas??

I've only been working on this since October 09. LOL
I need to get this done, so I can pick up a million other projects, without feeling guilty about starting something else.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

MJF potholder swap

One of the potholders I crocheted for Beth. Front and back.

just realized I forgot to take a picture of the other one. Drat. It was white on one side and a sage-y green, with a multi green and white trim.

I'll take pictures of the adorable green Pear potholders she sent me. Love em!

MJF crochet swap

One of my first swaps on the MaryJanesFarmgirl forum was a crochet or knit swap.

I received this lovely piece of work from Ms. Anna Y. Love it!!

An awesome crochet rug, made from fabric strips. It's also one of Russ's favorites. He watches me lay it out straight, and then rolls in it and musses it up again. Silly puppy.

I have a ton of t-shirts saved to cut up for rugs...Just need to get the cutting done. And perhaps a few more of my WIP's. :)

In return I sent her these:

I bought the yarn a while back, thinking something would pop up that I could make with it. Perhaps felting...I tried a small piece to felt, and in my opinion it flopped.
And then I came across the pattern for these "Orchard Mitts". I love em! I do believe I'll be working up some for myself, and my mom.

I may be hunting down more of the yarn. I was wonderful to work with! It's wool, but silky and soft, not itchy at all.....Now that I think about it I'm not sure I sent Anna any info on the yarn, in case they need washed!

I was making another swap at the same time and had some yarn left over. So I crafted a few scrubbies. A bonus for Anna.
This yarn makes me think of sunshine, and rainbow sorbet.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Look at this little Rascal. His name is Russ. He's got the coolest eyes, one a light blue, one half blue half brown. And he piddles. Especially when excited. Ugh. Good thing it's old carpet, hopefully soon to be replaced.

Here's puppy Russ. A cute little snuggler.

Dad is my blue heeler Jack, who thinks he's my first son. hahaa. Mom is our half corgi, half cow dog (heeler, aussie shepherd) Midget.

Just thought these pics were too cute to just sit on my computer and not share. Especially the top one!