Saturday, January 29, 2011


Or just Ami for short. I love em! They are so cute, and fun to make!
I found a great directory of free patterns. Looks like they have compiled links to free patterns. Some of em I've seen before, a few are new. Thought I'd share.

Ana Paula has a great blog, a lot of my favorite Ami's are her patterns. You can see her books and she offers some free patterns.

I have a gazzillion more links to patterns or blogs that have patterns. If you'd like more just ask! :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Finished Crochet projects

Here's a few of the items I've completed in the past few months.

There's a few that I haven't taken pictures of yet. Like some really sweet fingerless gloves. Or wrist warmers if you'd like. And Christmas trees. Lots of cute Christmas trees.

And hubby's sweater is almost done!! Sleeves, adjusted for his size, done! Adjustments to the sleeve stripe to match the bigger sized sleeves, done! Just need to weave in ends, attach sleeves, and do up side seams and put on buttons. Hooray!

On to the completed things......

Some star shaped dish cloths.

A coffee cozy.
I wanted the skull a little more oblong, but the recipient was very pleased with it.

A scarf made from Lion Brand homespun. I love the different colors. Makes me think of Dragonflys for some reason.

Cotton bath poof and wash cloth set.

A cute baby cocoon or snuggle sack. I liked the yarn, decided this would be a good project for it. Now I'm wondering if Baby won't look like a bruise!

With matching hat. To top off the bruise look, haha. There was enough yarn to make two hats. Couldn't help it!

Winter Wonder Land

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas season and time with loved ones!
Around here it has been cold, really cold (negative 15 around Thanksgiving), then warm and muddy, snowy and foggy. A very mixed up winter thus far. Today is a rather warm day, the snow and ice are melting, turning the little dirt visible in the driveway to mud. The creek is getting very full, I'm crossing my fingers it won't overflow its banks. That would once again wash out parts of the bottom pasture, which we had bladed and cleared. Now there is not much vegetation to slow the water down and could lead to a washed out driveway. I'm keeping my eye on the whole situation. Not that we can change Mother Nature's mind.

I love this shot of Abigail and her frosty whiskers!

Either the chickens are waiting for breakfast or a snack, or plotting their next move to getting into the warm porch.

My Christmas Tractor!! And it runs! Just got a blade for it, now I need to learn how to drive it :)

I love seeing the big old Russian olive trees covered in Pogonip!

Not too sure what RibEye and Daisy Mae thought about it tho.

Two of the boys (Bear-the paint, and Whiskey-the dun) wondering what on earth I am doing and if it may involve throwing them some more hay.

Chickens staying close to the coop on this day.

I'll have to do another post about Abigail, I have tonz of pictures of her to show ya!