Thursday, February 25, 2010

Update on my Crochet

The piggy did finally get done, as did the Robot, ages ago. I did purchase the book the robot idea came from, and made a few other really cute gifts from it. Like the fishy above. And a really cute crochet food book. Love it! Tonz more planned. But for now I have three, no wait, four WIP. These pics are the Christmas presents, and a baby shower gift I got done.

A dragon, who is almost done, but the pattern for the feet is poorly written and gives me fits. He's probably last on the list. Or maybe first, as he could be a gift for my youngest, Paul's, birthday. In a month. It was for him after all.

A clothespin bag for me, as my cloth one from Wally-world died this past summer, in the scorching sun. This is just to kill the time when I am sick of working with whatever is giving me fits at the moment. A pretty baby blue, and I really like the pattern stitch. It's actually two, a sc and dc, if I remember right, alternating. Gives it lovely texture.

A scarecrow amigurumi, that needs the "straw" finished around his hands and feet. And his face put on. And a few leaf buttons. And his hat stuck to his head. He was going to be a gift, but he got put down, autumn is gone, and I love him. So he will stay with me, and the other person can have one this coming Autumn.

And lastly, my dear husband's sweater. I made the mistake of showing him this nice sweater/cardigan pattern. In September. He promptly sat down and looked up the correct type of yarn himself. And even ordered one skein extra. He's been asking since October if he could try it on yet. I told him to be patient, as I already had a lot gifts planned, half started, for Christmas. That it would have to wait just a bit.
I have the back done, and both from panels. There is a piece that goes across the tops of the fronts that I'm working on now (individually, not both on the same piece). Then sleeves. And then the cowl type neck. It's really an easy pattern, all sc and hdc, but it's the first pattern I've ever crocheted that guage really matters. And I mean Really Matters. It's the first item of clothing I've ever done.

I need to buckle down and get this done, or at least more done, get the dragon done for Paul, and see what happens from there. :) It will have to be gardening/chicken/horseback riding /springy time by then!!

The other day Paul and stopped at one of the local thrift stores, to see if we could find some treasures. We did! We did find some treasures! Three souflee(sp??)/ramekins that are the perfect size for individual pot pies. I've been on a pot pie kick. Homemade. Everything. Alas, there were but three of these prizes, and 5 people in the household. I got all three for 7 smakaroos. And I found a started/half done afghan in a beautiful tweedy type yarn. Frogged it and know I have pretty tweedy ball of yarn. What to do with it?? Don't know. Another treasure for me! Which probably be crocheted into a gifty thing of some sort for someone else. :)

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  1. Well, hello! Looks like you're making some cute crochet. I can't imagine making an entire sweater -- I'm OK on doing dishcloths and scarves and that's it.

    Thanks for the bloggy visit.


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