Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Two of my favorite things

My two favorite souvenirs from our visit to Alaska

This blanket was crocheted by my Grammie (paternal grandmother). I found it in her basement, while helping to tidy things up, in bag stuffed in a box with other odds and ends (old drapes, towels, rugs, dust rags). She doesn't crochet anymore. I still have all the little toys and pillows that she sent at Christmas when I was little, and the items that she made for Shawn when he was a baby. Perhaps she is part of the reason I am so in love with Amigurumi and other small crocheted toys. I'll have to get all those little guys she made together for another post.

I LOVE how the granny squares are all different. And it's round. I'm thinking it's a scrap-ghan. To me it's the crochet jackpot! Now I have a Grammie blanket for my house! My mother has had a ripple afghan made by Grammie on her couch for as long as I can remember.
Grammie hasn't crocheted in years, so I'm thinking this is at least 10 years old. She doesn't remember when she made it. But it's like brand new!!

This was a treasure from my GGMA (maternal grandmother). Do you recognize what it is??? It's an old butter churn! With all the talk we've been doing of getting a milk cow (3 boys, gonna be teenagers at the same time, they can help milk that cow!) I've been playing around with home made butter. Buying cream at the store and shaking a jar. Hubby fondly recalls living out at the ranch with a big, doe eyed Jersey milk cow, and his mom making butter (she had an electric jobber) GGMa tells me "I have just the thing for ya. It's just gathering dust around here." While we were visiting she brings this out for me!
The lid is cracked around the rim, so I was thinking a little JB Weld should fix it up. In talking with a fellow crafting lady, who also loves antiques, I mention this guy. She says, as is, it's worth about $300. DO NOT attempt to repair it! That sometime you can find the jars, sometimes the lids with the crank and paddle, but together is quite rare.
While I think that's awesome, I WAS kinda looking forward to using it! After a bit of cleaning. I guess Hubby will just have to find me something else. After we get that cow. :)


  1. I love how all the squares are different! I've found a few that a very similar, but not exactly the same.


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