Thursday, November 18, 2010

Berry Crazyiness part 2

The chokecherry syrup came out delicious, Hubby wants to keep all remaining jars for himself! We did find elderberries (not what I was expecting, plant wise) and made some jelly/jam and chutney.
THEN...(as if I wasn't canning crazy enough) we picked 50 pounds of grapes from my parents back yard!!! We'll be trying the grape jelly at Thanksgiving. :)

Time for some pictures....


  1. 50 lbs is a lot! What are the berries on the cookie sheet? Great pictures.

  2. Crystal, those are teeny tiny elderberries, drying from being washed.
    Below them are service berries, or June berries, and above are bright red rosehips.
    The picture 2nd from the top (above the rosehips) is a Nevada Elderberry bush, ravaged by deer, cows and harsh Nevada desert growing conditions. Not what I was expecting!! I have since found some Elderberry bushes in better shape, more canyon creek conditions than desert flats. But it was a lot of fun and GREAT exercise (when you are walking 200-300 yards between bushes!)


Thankx for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your little trip to the NV High Desert.