Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Meet Sunny Belle. My 30th birthday present to myself (how am I 30 already??!!) While I have disclosed MY real age, I should also mention that Sunny Belle, aka JWow Cow, is 8. And possibly pregnant. (fingers and hooves crossed!)

With minimal grazing at our house (the front lawn only needs trimmed a few times a week), Sunny was allowed to be picky. And find the prize parts of the hay bale.

She wasn't so keen on posing for pictures. She says head shots are not her best angle.

This is how she got the nickname JWow.  Something to do with the TV show Jersey Shore and some actresses (are "reality" TV people called actors/actresses??) that are also well endowed in the udder department.  And since she's a Jersey Cow, it seemed like a good fit.  I don't watch the show so I'm not really sure.  But I love the nickname!!

 She's OK with it too.

"And I deserve to be treated like the Star I am!!"

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