Wednesday, October 19, 2011


I really want to tell you all about my Birthday Milk Cow (she's pretty awesome), my almost done greenhouse (which I am currently using for a milking parlor and will be darned awesome when it's done...soon!), how well Shawn did at fair showing his two birds, and how much Abigail has grown/learned, and the recent addition of our super hunter manx spazoid cat... BUT

I have to go milk the cow
and get into the shower (I don't like smelling like the cow when I head to town!).........
and then I have an appointment in town to do some radio adds with a friend.  At first these were intimidating but now they are pretty darn fun.

Hope to make it back today. Or maybe tomorrow. Or who knows....soon-ish!!

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Thankx for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed your little trip to the NV High Desert.