Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer is already here!

I can't believe it!
We had an actual spring this year, rain and grass and green. The whole nine yards. That was nice.

Wrestling season has finally wound down for the boys (never stops for Hubby!). We spent a week in Pocatello, Idaho for the Western Regional tournament. What a busy week it was! A lot of fun tho.

Shawn brought his inner "beast" to the mat. Boy, was there some tough competition this year!
We represented Nevada well, as an individual team (Elko Wrestling), as a region (Eastern Nevada wrestling), and as a State (Nevada). There were a few medal earners from our team, and even more medal earners from Nevada as a State. 

 Hubby (in blue, in the chair on the right) is happy to coach. Everyone. This is his sport, his passion.

Although he would really rather be back on the mat himself

But man oh man am I glad to be home! It sure is stressful leaving the "farm" for a week, in the heat, with a cow due to calve ANY DAY. Of course she didn't listen to me the week before we left, when I told her I wanted to wake up to a calf! Or come home from town to a calf! Nope, she calved June 20th, the Thursday we were gone. Thankfully I have some wonderful friends!!

It's a hiefer calf! Hooray! Her name is Roryn Belle Caramel, but I told the daughter of my friend who first saw her, and called me with the news, that she could help name the calf. So we will call her Carly for her barn name.

Lots can change around here in a week!

The hay stack is dwindling
 (a never ending thing...someday I will have a real pasture!)

 But I was glad to come home and still have the ducks. Even tho Mr. Quackers, aka Darth Quaker, is onery.

Roryn is still in "time out", until I can get the lower pasture jump-proof. Or the range cows are gone. Because those tempting, loose range cow heifers are still out there, with their luring smells and calls. And they like to camp just on the other side of my fence. Oh, the Joy of life with a bull AND open range!

Carly was born and I wasn't even here to see it. I am so glad that all went well, Momma Belle didn't need help, and an awesome friend came over to make sure Carly got her colostrum. My friend was worried about her back hoof, I was worried it was a contracted tendon, but Carly is happy and bouncy now. Knows where the milk bar is and runs from one paddock to the other, tail high in the air!

Maybe she is running from bigger half brother Chuck part of the time. He IS kind of a bully (hehe, he's a bull calf). He's growing like a weed, keeping Ruthie milked dry. Now Ruthie and Chuck have separate evening quarters so I can at least get a morning milking from her!
 But Chuck hasn't grown into that halter yet. One afternoon with it on was enough for now. He had a mini lesson in leading.

Reggie the red bunny has grown, but is still sweet as can be.

Abigail is getting greyer and greyer. It's time to start some serious work with her! She's had her time to grow and mature some mentally. I'm looking forward to pushing cows with her! She loves working them, even if it's through the fence for now.

The meat birds, aka pigs with feathers, are growing like, well, pigs! They should be ready to go to freezer camp in another week or two.
I forgot to write down on the calendar when we brought them home. They were already a week old. I *think* they are 6, maybe 7 weeks old now.

And then there was the Super Moon. Sure was bright.

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