Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travelling bags

I was productive while we were travelling and the boys were wrestling.

Testing different bag patterns. Figuring out which ones I like better.

This is the Dynamite Market bag.
Now that I'm working on my second of this pattern, and know how it should go, I really like it. I was havign a hard time with the beginning of this pattern at first (being in the car with four squirmy, excited boys, and occasional stops and scenery didn't help), but now it makes perfect sense.

You can find the pattern here:

The second pattern, round and meshy, worked up very similar to a few I have already done. While I like the look, the mesh stretches A LOT when you fill the bag up. I want to use these my bags at the grocery store, farmers' market and the like, and have them functional for that. To use the mesh-y type bags for the store/market I'd have to shorten the length/depth a little and/or make that mesh quite tight.
I was planning this bag for a special little girl, and don't anticipate her to have too many heavy things to carry.

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