Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Hooray for school!

I couldn't keep the boys busy enough this summer. Every free moment they had they spent picking at each other and fighting! Cody and Shawn are back to the books.
Paul is in his last year of pre-school. But it's getting so darned expensive (and is starting to feel like glorified babysitting, really expensive babysitting!). Paul and I will be giving it a go here at home. He's thrilled, our house is his school, I'm his teacher. I figure even if I buy a few new workbooks and activities every month there is no way I'll be spending $140+ per month! And we have lots of kids at our house, a lot, so I'm not worried about his social skills. The local library does Story time 4 days a week. It's FREE. A few stories and a craft project, with lots of other kids. I've also found quite a few websites to print off workbook type pages, to trace, cut, color.
And I can do a bit every day, instead of just a few days a week. It's made me much more concious about helping all of them, going over school work with them, instead of figuring that they have learned plenty in school.

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