Saturday, May 16, 2009


I've got a few Work In Progress peices
The little Piggy is from some barnyard patterns I found online...I'll find the link and get it up. He turned out soooo cute! I kinda like him as is in the photos, but with legs and eyes he is adorable. I didn't get any pics of him all done, but he worked up in about 3 hours total, so I plan on whipping up a few more. I took him down to our new yarn shop to hang out in the window with the few items she has. Perhaps it will draw a younger crowd as well? One of these days I'm going to have to go hang out and work on my WIPs at the shop. She's got some couches and chairs, with a table, for anyone who wants to come on in and chat and work.
(YAYYY!! Some decent yarn options in town!because Wal-Mart's yarn stash is starting to go down hill, even on the basics-red heart, caron, etc.)
While browsing I came across an amigurumi book with some adorable projects in it. Looking at the robot I figured I had some patterns already that I could tweak and make it work. This is him so far. Straight Pins are marking out the face for now. Still have to figure out the balls for joints at shoulder level and figure out the legs that I'm seeing in my head.
As soon as the book is available I plan on buying it. And 3 or four others!
I've also started on a four eyed monster. Cute cute.
And I want to get some apples done for the kid's teachers. School gets out in two weeks!
So many projects, too little time!
Happy hooking all!

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  1. I didn't get a picture of the finished piggy, but if you're in Elko you can stop by the Yarn store in the Rancho Plaza (by the bookstore) and check him out. He is greeting people in the window.

    Robot is done, but I've got the book where the original pattern is now, so I'll be making a few more.


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