Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bolt the Curly Horse

This is Bolt. A tank of a horse. And Curly through and through. His leg hair (feathers or feathering) is curly, and thick. His hooves are large and sturdy.

His body hair curls up in the winter and he slicks out to a wave in the summer. Someone that knows about horses, but has never seen a Curly, would say that he was very wormy, as worms and vitamin deficiencies can also cause curled up hair. But his is all over his body.

Look at that beautiful double mane. Thick and curly.

He does shed out his tail some in the summer. A lot of Curlies do. He doesn't shed out the whole thing like some, but it definitely thins out.

He's got the easy going, in your pocket attitude that is a hallmark of the breed. If you're out in the pasture doing something you can count on Bolt to come check it out, and probably hang around to "supervise".

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