Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Just wanted to show off my cool new Flour Sack tote. The front says Cal Rose Rice, Mikey's family's favorite brand of Japanese Rice. Master Photographer Paul took this photo, even "set" me up. "No, mommy, smile. Look over here. I can't see the bag . Hold it up better". He was so proud of himself!
It is soooo roomy inside!! Much more than I was expecting. And it has this great pocket. I had to try it out, so I grabbed my little list and my new bag and headed to the grocery store. Of course my little list grew, as they always do. "We could use some more of this. Ooohhh, I'm out of this!" etc. etc. etc. You know how it goes. And all my stuff fit! It was perfect.
And a bonus (for me, totally horsey obsessed) the pocket on the back says Alfalfa. And for some reason that also means horses. :)

This bag is sooo awesome that I've ordered another one from the great ladies at Tlc Inspirations on Mikey's Grandma Nakamura is going to love it!

Ok, I hope she loves it as much as I do. At least likes it a little bit. She can be hard to read, one tough little lady.

So go on over to ArtFire, check out Tlc Inspirations, and all the other great handmade things on there.
I have a "store" but I don't have anything in it yet. Soon I hope. I like that there are no listing fees, insertion fees, final sale fees. It's Free! But if you have a lot of thing to sell you can sign up for a pro account. Check it out.

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