Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Dear Hubby's Leather work

Mikey has decided that leather work is his new found passion. Which is fine with me. This past weekend the boys were in Salt Lake skiing with my parents. I spent all day Saturday crocheting and Mikey played with his leather. It was perfect!

He traded this clutch purse for a pair of spurs. It was a kit, with all the materials included. He stamped and antiqued the leather. The lacing gave him a few headaches, but it came out nicely.

His first picture carving. I was elected to find a suitable rose picture and draw it out on paper so he could transfer it. He has since bought a very good book on the carving.

These are my shotgun chaps, his very first project. He designed the tops himself, and they have a beautiful basket stamp. Don't mind the pajamas!

These started as Armedas, which are full length, and then Brad changed his mind. He want chinks, but still with the Armeda fringe top. Everett is a wonderful model!

Everett picked out this flashy leather for his chinks. It's black with gold splash speckles. It's a 3-4 oz. leather, and we were all sure that it would rip up the first use, but they held up nicely through the pick-up man job and bull roping at a rodeo.

My saddle tree is here, and he's itchin to get started.

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