Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chicken Math

My ever growing chicken flock was explained to me as....Chicken Math!!

Chicken Math is when you go to the feedstore to pick up your order, and they tell you that they have 25, even though you only ordered 20. There wasn't anyone else who ordered this type of chick, so they can all go with you, if you'd like to pay for those extra 5.

And you say "Sure. Why not? I'm already getting 20....and they don't have anywhere else to go. What's 5 more?"

Oh Goodness!!!!

I'm not calling them "the babies", I'm calling them "the piggies!!" I've cleaned their brooder box out three times in barely 24 hours! It is a bit small......Let the box hunt begin!!!


  1. I do believe hatcheries know that a few of those little ones will get the "wobbles" and not make it through. I remember first time ordering and thinking the same thing. perhaps I was being too honest. But they were correct one a week went by.

  2. I was the only one whose order for the cornish cross was filled in this shipment. 25 were shipped, probably because that's the minimum order? If I had known that I would have ordered straight from a hatchery myself.
    They're all doing great still, and a have much larger box. We'll see how many end up making it the full 8-12 weeks.

  3. They look like tator tots under a food warmer. :)


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