Friday, April 9, 2010

Mrs. T

Mrs. Turkey, formerly known as Christmas, has gotten herself a repreeve from the freezer. She's laying eggs! One of two broad breasted bronze turkeys we purchased last year, she (obviously) turned out to be a girl. Mr. T, aka Thanksgiving, guessed it. Thanksgiving dinner.

She is laying an egg every other day. And they are beautiful. Look at the size of that yolk!
Mikey swears they are richer in flavor than chicken eggs, but I think I would need an egg of each side by side to tell for sure.
My hens lay some pretty good sized eggs, jumbo or larger would be the comparison to store eggs. But Mrs. T's eggs are huge. I love the speckles.
Last night she decided she's had enough of the cold weather and wanted to come in for a bit.
She stayed in the porch all night. She loves being around people, so she was a happy girl tucked away. I'm sure being near all the food sacks helped her comfort levels a bit, too!
I propped open the porch door this morning (to the left of the shavings bag, just out of the picture) and thus far she has made no move to exit her new dwelling. But she has left lots of gooey presents all over the floor! I'm sure when I mix up the chicken feed (in that green labeled bucket next to her) that she will gladly exit.
While it's cute, and I don't mind too much, I hope she doesn't want to make this a nightly habit! She did survive the winter snow and freezing temps outside. She decided to use the dog kennel box we gave her as a nest box and doesn't bed down in there. Does her egg-ly duties and moves on. She deserved a nice comfy night, but my porch is a mess!

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