Thursday, February 24, 2011

Abigail's Story

 Abigail was born in a pasture, only seeing people from a distance.  When I first saw her she was in a pen with all the other foals being weaned.  

She was cut from the herd, much to her dismay, and herded into the trailer like a cow.  When her first bumpy ride of her life was over she found herself deposited into a small pen with strange smells and strange horses all around.  
She wanted nothing to do with this predator like creature, trying to touch her and be close to her.

But the thing kept coming back!  All the time!  Talking and wanting to be near her.  

Reminds me of the other weanling I brought home, a 6 month old mustang filly. We named her Lady, for the "L" shaped star on her forehead.

Lady the Mustang

 How I miss her, she was one smart little lady. Too smart to sit in the pasture and wait for me to be able to ride again.
But I digress....Back to Abigail. After many long hours of standing in her pen, just quiet, letting her get used to me she started to come around.  She decided that since I bring her food and she sees the other horses lean over the panels to be touched by me I must not be all that bad.

 Many quiet hours later I was able to touch her.  Many more days later I was able to put the halter on her.  And she rapidly progressed from there.  We started going on "walks" in the pasture outside her pen, and then the time came to take off the halter and leave her with the "big guys".  Exciting and scary for both of us!  I don't think I slept much that night, up and down to check her many times.
 And now she is like a big puppy dog!  You walk into the pasture and she is in your pocket, wondering what you have today.  I love her curiosity, her gentleness.

 And she loves checking out the cows, which is good because I have plans for her to become a cow horse. :)
Frosty whiskers

 We've been on a few walks outside the pasture.  She's not so sure she likes to go through the gate, but she'll figure it out.

We're currently working on her ground manners, respecting my space, not walking on my toes, walking next to me.  And focusing on me when we are out and about.


  1. Hey, thanks for coming by. I luv CITR!

    Yes, Jolie is the Gray. She's my heart and we are so proud of her.

    Country is much, much better.

    That's cool that you have a Japanese Cowboy!


  2. What a beautiful (and lucky) girl! :)


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