Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Pictures

What good do they really do me, sitting in little files on my computer?? The whole point of taking pictures is to share, so share them I will! :)

this is Bob-A-Roo-Ni, aka Bob, my Spotted Sussex Roo. He was given to me as a little guy, she didn't want to risk having him in town. Good thing too! He's noisy! And has become quite a pain in the arse! Literally sometimes! His size and my good humor are the only things keeping him out of the freezer at the moment. I really want some chicks from him, perhaps I'll be able to raise a few of my own meat birds and not have to order from the hatchery. We'll see how long I can keep the peace!

My dear Hubby on my Christmas tractor, taking care of the driveway! I have since learned to drive my tractor, it's pretty fun!

Look at how the Silver Lace Roo is looking at that hen!
I love this picture!
Big ole Bob. Doing his job.
Shawn must have been taking the picture. The red haired "giant" is my babysitting boy. :) He was almost 2 in this picture! This is at Lehman Caves by Ely.
The horned toad I convinced the boys to let go.

Baby turkey and brown leghorn cross hen.
Little turkeys
Playing at the "mud puddle" South Fork Reservoir.
Bear and I in the 4th of July parade, with the Bible Day Camp Float for our Church.

Me and my GrandMa.
Don't squat with yer spurs on! (That's me, Hubby took this picture)
Mrs. Turkey was hiding.
Jack/Midge puppies

Well, that was fun!


  1. I want to lay on the floor and just hug the stuffings out of these puppies!! They are so cute. We have three mini doxie puppies. One has long hair. So cute.

    Have a blessed day.

  2. Amy, they were fun! For a while, haha, there were 8 of em! We kept one, he was one of two runts of the litter. The blue merle and the chocolate one were the hogs of the litter. They are a bit over a year old now.

  3. It's probably a good thing, I'm not any closer. That one looks like my Country!

  4. Your Country sure is cute! Even in her T-shirt. These pups are gone now, over a year old actually. We did keep one, the runty boy, named him Russ for his Jack Russel like hair. Dad's name is Jack so he couldn't have that name. Russ is the red and white pup third from the bottom. He's a good boy!


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