Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cute little hearts

Prior to being sick I made up a few of theses---

They are in crochet thread, which I was given about 2 years ago. I had no idea what to do with it at the time, I don't do doilys and such. But the hearts are adorable in the dainty thread, don't ya think? I left the top threads long, not weaved in, for hanging.

I'm thinking these will be wonderful valentines for the boy's teachers. I may have to do one in the dark blue, Shawn has a male teacher, not so sure he wants a pink one. :) I'm thinking of taking some embroidery thread and putting something on them, conversation heart style.

One sleeve attatched to Hubby's sweater, one more sleeve to put on and then two long seams to do (ugh! I dislike the big seams!) and then buttons to attatch. I hope it comes out nice after all this work!

A teddy bear I started prior to Christmas almost done. I'm thinking he'll go in my artfire store, and then if he doesn't sell he can go to the farmer's market with me :)

Oh-Check out my ArtFire store! I finally got some things put in it! You can find my store here. I hope to have more done for the store soon, problem is I keep taking custom orders from friends and giving away what I make!

Just found this link for a baby unicorn  here . Adorable! I love horses, so I could just leave the horn off, chose some of my browns and make all sorts of little horsies. Once I get a few of my many WIP's done, of course!

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