Friday, February 11, 2011


I detest mopping. Perhaps it's the boys going in and out. The dogs going in and out. The mud, dirt or chicken poo that sticks to shoes and comes in. That's because the chickens feel the need to camp out on the front steps. And I kinda like em there, minus the droppings. And we have very little grass to speak of. The driveway is dirt. I have to go out and see my horses, and sometimes the cows, whenever I'm outside, even if it's just for a minute.

Now I don't mind vacuming. I do it a few times a week. I don't even have to sweep much because I have a Dyson vacum and can push a button to turn off the roller bar and vacum the hard floors. Makes it nice and quick.

But...I DETEST (I'm trying to not use hate...) MOPPING! It lasts about...A DAY. Tops. And that's if the kids are out of the house all day long.
Something is bound to happen. A spill. Hubby brings friends over and they forget to remove their boots. The dogs come in and it has been muddy outside. Doesn't even have to be muddy, Rebel the Red Poodle brings in straw and weeds of all sorts on his body, shaved down or not.

The kitchen floor is my household arch enemy! Partly because it's mainly white linoleum. So it's a pain to get ALL the way, sparkly clean.

As much as I dislike mopping, boy do I feel better when it's done.

Guess I better get to it! :)

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