Saturday, November 3, 2012


2 weeks ago I got a case of granny smith apples. Some went to school for the Halloween parties. Hubby made apple slices in RedHot sauce/syrup that we canned up. A fair amount have been eaten by little boys for after school snacks or in school lunches (they love apples).
Tonight I am going to make crockpot applesauce for the first time. I've made home made applesauce plenty of times, but usually on the stove top. And there has been no point in canning it, since said little boys eat it faster than would be monetarily sensible to can.
I'm going to try the recipe I found on the Here's the link

Skins and cores will be kept to try juicing for apple jelly. That can be another post =)

And if there are any left I'll be making an apple bake for desert =)

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