Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Meet Nellie

The most B-E-A-UTIFUL Jersey girl in all the land!

Miss Nellie
 Miss Nellie is 3 years old, a registered Jersey from some wonderful bloodlines. Grandma was a prize winning show cow in her day.

Nellie had a small show career with her former owner. She traveled a bit and did the local show circuit.
She came to me already halter trained, leads wonderfully. Used to being touched and handled in close quarters. Which is ideal for my small set up.

I did tell her she would have to be patient with me. I can only milk one cow at a time. Nellie is used to the large dairy set up, with many cows being milked at once.

 Nellie was accepted right into my little herd. Some sniffing and checking each other out, but they settled in rather quickly.
I'm used to all the fuss of horses. There is a lot more hustle and bustle when you add a new Equine herd member.

 But not the sweet Jersey Girls! Now I can say "Whoa Nellie"! Hahahaha, I crack myself up.

She is a few inches taller than the other girls. With a nice deep heart girth and good spring of rib. And lovely feet. Along with the most petite, feminine head I've seen yet!

We picked her up from a fair sized dairy in outside of Homedale, Idaho. They still had GREEN GRASS. And flying bugs.
I feel somewhat bad for Miss Nellie, all slicked out. Pretty, but not very warm! She's growing a fuzzier winter coat now tho.
Soon she may look like little Cinnamon!

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