Monday, November 5, 2012

Jack-o-Lantern Recycling

Pumpkins are Sunny Belle's favorite treat. I missed the free after halloween pumpkins from the local grocery stores this year. But I have lots of leads on Jack-O-Lanterns that are done with. So instead of going in the garbage, they will go into Sunny Belle's tummy.
Cinnamon is still getting used to the idea of eating pumpkins. But so far she enjoys watching Sunny eat them.

Edited 11/27/2012

Cinnamon learned to love pumpkins just as much as Sunny Belle! She decided that watching Sunny have all the fun *and* the treats was, well...No fun!

Sunny loves pumpkins!

The boys also have a grand time holding pumpkins high over their heads and SMASHING them into the ground. Everyone laughs and has a grand time.

 Especially the cows!

You didn't think I was going to let her have ALL the fun, did you?
She has learned the art of eating pumpkin.

Less than an hour later you would never know there was ever a pumpkin in that field!  Unless you can distinguish between a pumpkin stem and a dried up twig.
At which I've gotten pretty good!

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