Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful Thursday

Well, I missed Wordless Wednesday. It was a very busy day! so here's a little pic to make up for that...

I just love the perfect heart on April's forehead! Her forelock has grown a bit to cover the top.

Back to Today.
I've been trying to post on FB, when I get on there, what I'm thankful for each day of the month. Coffee is mentioned at least once. A warm pellet stove gets some mentioning.
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned how very thankful I am for my dear Hubbs,yep pretty sure.

As he was browsing his FB last night, while I finished dinner, he mentions how sweet a friend's Thankful post about her husband was. Which got me thinking..Wondering..I DID post something like that on my page didn't I?
(Side note--Crazy how this "social media" crap has gotten so...Crazy! I hate feeling at times that FB and other such sites are running parts of my life! I should just delete the whole thing! But then my Momma would wonder what's up, what's wrong, yadda yadda I just don't get on there that much anymore..)

Ok..Back to Thankful Thursday....

I am incredibly, extremely Thankful for my dear Hubbs. The crazy hours he has worked, in all weather conditions, to ensure that his family is taken care of. Thankful that he has such a strong work ethic, desire to work and PROVIDE for us.  It has never mattered much if I worked outside the home or not, he has done what needed to be done, taken a few crazy jobs (firefighting in the back woods of Oregon for one), to ensure that his family had a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and has indulged me with my crazy animals.

He's learned to enjoy cooking, even has his own specialty dishes. I'm thankful for that for sure!! 
It's not a big deal if I am sick, out side with animals, or just plain sick of being in the kitchen. If I have something set out, a general idea of what dinner is Hubbs is very willing to take over! I'll have a big mess to clean up later (he's getting better at that part too), but I'll take it!

I have never had to choose between selling a horse and making ends meet. For that I am extremely grateful! And now he is ENCOURAGING my crazy Jersey cow adventures!


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