Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Crochet the day away

That's what I did all weekend! The boys went to Nana & Papa's house, which left some wonderful quiet time for Mikey and I.

Saturday Mikey finally helped with the project at church he agreed to months ago, so I sat in the pew, spread out on a few chairs and crocheted in church. Then our afternoon plans got a little rearranged, so I crocheted while watching a movie, and Mikey fixed up dinner. Even brought it to me in my crochet spot! Perhaps because I was finally working on his cardigan again? Don't stop the progress! hehehe

Then I crocheted Sunday afternoon until it was time to go get the boys, and some more before bed!

And now, drat, I'm out of yarn!!! Turns out the color Mikey picked comes in different length balls than the colors called for in the pattern. Shorter by 80 yards per ball!! We thought we had plenty of yarn, extra even, and it turns out we are short by probably 2 balls.

Soooo....I've had to work on a few other WIP's. Almost done with the green dragon, another long standing WIP. And Mikey can't whine at me about not working on the cardigan, because I'm waiting on more yarn.

And now I've started some baby shower gifts for a shower on the 5th, for a lady at church. Two weeks to get two little turtle rattles done, and possibly some booties. One set for a boy, another set for a girl. They are doing a "Surprise shower in a box" for a friend that moved out of state. I'll get to make something PINK!!!

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