Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Sierra Nevada Cardigan

My first piece of clothing.
Hand picked by my hubby.
He even went to the yarn website, chose his color and placed the order.

I need help figuring out the seams for the top of the shoulders.

I don't want a bulky, poke out noticeable seam.
Any ideas??

I've only been working on this since October 09. LOL
I need to get this done, so I can pick up a million other projects, without feeling guilty about starting something else.


  1. You must sew it up as an invisible seam. Check out this site to see how. You have to scan down the page to get to the invisible seams.


    I have always sewn the seams up like this and you can not see the seams when done.

  2. Thankx, I will check out the link. I think I'll practice on my swatch pieces first.

  3. Funny he chose the Sierra "Nevada" Cardigan.. ;P It looks nice so far. What site did you get it from btw? (Or was that in another post?) :) It's looking good!

  4. Marlyn-
    The mattress stitch worked wonderfully. I have the fronts attached to the back, the sleeve stripes worked, now I just need to attach the long front panel. And then work up the sleeves and we're done! Whooo Hooo!

    Tina- Thankx! the pattern is from the September '09 Crochet! magazine. The yarn was purchased from the Mary Maxim website, I believe.


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