Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The new Chicken Digs

This is my new chicken coop! Yay!Back view, the nest boxes are here
Lift up the board and there are now 6 nest boxes, which, hooray!, they are laying in!
I love the cute little door! (And my dear hubby's cute bum, lol)
The roosts. It took them a few days to get used to em, but they are roosting there at night now.
The first day I was sitting inside, trying to bribe them in with scratch grains and cat food. Didn't work.

I had to gather them up the first few nights, and lock them in, but now they all go in at dark. The 6 "big girls" and my 6 "teen ager" golds. The little babies will soon be joining them, but for now they like to sleep under neath or in their hay "hotel". But the gates didn't get closed and the cows came in and munched the hay hotel a bit, so it might be just under the Hen House. We'll see.

I've been locking them in at night, as it seems it was the wee hours of the morning that neighbor dogs and/or coyotes were grabbing girls (and Mr. Roo) out of the old dog house/hen house. I've been getting up at 5:30 to let them out, but it's getting light earlier now, so soon I'll probably be rising at 5, or even 4:30. Do I dare go back to bed, or stay up and drink coffee??

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