Tuesday, May 25, 2010


My mother's day rose needs planted.I actually got tulips this year! But the chickens have since destroyed this side. I didn't have enough fence to make it over here.

There are sunflowers in this, can you see them? I'm so excited, I'll have big beautiful sunflowers against the house this year.
More of my pretty PINK tulips. In honor of my Aunt Lorie, who fought breast cancer valiantly for over 10 years. We miss you and love you, LaLa!


  1. Your flowers are so pretty. Our 7 year old brought home some petunias (?) from school for Mother's Day. I planted them in a pot (and can barely keep them alive.. lol). MY Grandma loved sunflowers. :)

  2. Thankx Tina. I had to go buy a few more, petunias and some snap dragons, because it was looking a bit bare.


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