Thursday, May 6, 2010

MJF crochet swap

One of my first swaps on the MaryJanesFarmgirl forum was a crochet or knit swap.

I received this lovely piece of work from Ms. Anna Y. Love it!!

An awesome crochet rug, made from fabric strips. It's also one of Russ's favorites. He watches me lay it out straight, and then rolls in it and musses it up again. Silly puppy.

I have a ton of t-shirts saved to cut up for rugs...Just need to get the cutting done. And perhaps a few more of my WIP's. :)

In return I sent her these:

I bought the yarn a while back, thinking something would pop up that I could make with it. Perhaps felting...I tried a small piece to felt, and in my opinion it flopped.
And then I came across the pattern for these "Orchard Mitts". I love em! I do believe I'll be working up some for myself, and my mom.

I may be hunting down more of the yarn. I was wonderful to work with! It's wool, but silky and soft, not itchy at all.....Now that I think about it I'm not sure I sent Anna any info on the yarn, in case they need washed!

I was making another swap at the same time and had some yarn left over. So I crafted a few scrubbies. A bonus for Anna.
This yarn makes me think of sunshine, and rainbow sorbet.

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