Monday, May 17, 2010

Pomp Poodle, in pink

I know, I have a enough projects in the works right now, but she's soo cute! Check her out at .
And since it's a crochet along, perhaps she'll actually get done in a decent amount of time??

Ugghh, buying this yarn breaks the "Yarn Challenge". Does it still count if I win the yarn? That would be pretty sweet! FIVE lucky people will win a gift basket with all the yarn to make Ms. Poodle, and I found out you can enter once a day until May 24th. *Note to self- enter every day; get coffee, enter contest, then check email, etc.* I don't think I've ever won any of these little contests, but it's fun to try!

Once I get one little cutie poodle done I have lots of different weights of yarn, to make them in all sizes and colors. Perhaps by Christmas I could get a whole pile of them done, I have lots of nieces!
I just might have to keep on for myself, too.

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  1. That is cute, but I saw how many different yarns and colours and thought wow it will cost a lot. Hope you find a good deal somewhere.


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